If you want to increase the yield on idle funds, investment dollars, or retirement accounts, please read this important message.

Our current economic environment has brought interest rates down to the lowest levels in decades. Many investors and retirees are frustrated by low returns on their investment dollars, and typically the promise of more attractive returns usually come with much greater risk.  However, we are offering a very safe method to diversify your investment funds and substantially increase the yield on your funds.  This program will pay you a VERY SAFE, GUARANTEED INTEREST RATE.  It’s really pretty simple:  you can be a Private Lender for one or more of our real estate projects, safely securing your investment by holding the mortgage note on real property.  We have been buying, renovating, selling, and/or holding single family homes in the Greater Atlanta area since 1983.   We know and understand the Atlanta area residential real estate market, and this is a great time to safely invest in private mortgage lending and earn a very attractive, guaranteed interest return.

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